The Pacific

Drive West on Hwy 138 along the Umpqua River  from Sutherlin (I-5 exit 136) for about an hour and you will reach the rugged Oregon coast. 

Just a few miles before coming to Reedsport is the Elk viewing area.  You are likely to see dozens of them, oftentimes close to the fence for a good photo opportunity.

Six miles south of Reedsport, at the entrance to Winchester Bay and at the mouth of the Umpqua River, stands a sentinel of the ocean, the Umpqua River Lighthouse, casting its red and white beams of light some 20 miles out to sea.  The 65-foot tower is situated on a hill 100 feet above sea level surrounded by US Coast Guard buildings and a Museum.  Lighthouse tours are available daily from 10 am to 4 pm, May 1 through October 30.  1020 Lighthouse Road, Winchester Bay, Oregon

The lighthouse is also the perfect place for whale watching.  Whales typically migrate south to Baja at the end of December into early January, and migrate back north to Alaska the last half of March.

The Oregon Dunes stretch from north of Coos Bay to south of Florence.  There are ample opportunities to rent an ATV, if you didn't bring your own, or take that white-knuckle dune buggy ride.  The dune buggy to the right is one belonging to Sand Dunes Frontier, four miles south of Florence.

So whether it's hiking, beachcombing, tide pooling, sea food, brilliant sunsets, or just breathing that clean salt air, the southern Oregon Coast has it all for you!


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