Welcome To Sutherlin Oregon

Conveniently located on the I-5 corridor, Sutherlin provides a small town and unhurried environment that is the perfect place to "settle in" to enjoy the scenery and activities in all directions.

It's where the fir trees meet the vineyards and the Pacific bows to the Cascades.

There is something for everyone here: boating, water skiing and tubing, fishing, hunting, the Wildlife Safari, wine tasting, golfing, hiking to the numerous waterfalls, discovering the covered bridges, snow skiing, investigating the Cascades via snow mobile, strolling along the beach, whale watching, bird watching, and taking that exciting ride on a dune buggy.

Sutherlin Economic Development Website

This web page will show how Sutherlin is the perfect community for operating a business and raising your family. We have a near crime-free city with excellent schools, uncompromising outdoor recreation opportunities and a wide variety of housing, parks, trails and open spaces. If you are looking to expand or relocate, we offer over 18 diversified industrial land sites for your review on this page. To make it easy for a visit, we also provide a tourism and visitor-stay section. Thank you for considering Sutherlin as your next home."

Key Private Sector Employers

Barnes Furnace Manufacturer

Crown Dental Works

Great Northern Trailer Mfg.

Inland Empire Foods

Murphy Plywood

Nix Machine Technology

North Star Metal Fabrication

Orenco Systems

Basco Logging and Development


Double R Powder Coating